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January 7, 2021
Distributed Work in 2021 - What to Expect
We recently had a great conversation with Nick Branholm of Russell Tobin about emerging trends, how things have changed, and what to expect in 2021 in the tech work world. Nick works with a number of successful fast-growing tech companies nationwide and has some great perspective. He’s truly got his fingers on the pulse given his work across the industry, so we felt like the obvious thing to do was grill him with our burning questions!
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October 11, 2020
A.B.F - Always Be Fundraising
As anyone who has built and run a business from the ground up will tell you, being a CEO is not the easiest gig in the world. With so many different distractions pulling you in so many different directions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the minutiae of the day to day and lose sight of core responsibilities. Fundraising is one of them, and a little investor maintenance goes a long way.
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October 14, 2020
Passive Aggressive CEOs Destroy Companies
A framework for managing difficult team discussions. Essential reading for any leader of a fast moving company.
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September 24, 2020
Why Your Startup Should Eat A Debt Sandwich
Convertible Note and SAFE rounds have become incredibly popular instruments for financing a company, but they come with downstream risks that are often overlooked. These risks can make raising money later on more difficult than necessary. Keep reading for some helpful strategies to avoid known debt-round side effects.
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