Announcing a Massive Evolution in SPV Investing

Ari Newman
May 16, 2023

If you’ve been following the venture capital industry over the last several years, you’ve become more and more familiar with SPV investing- using Special Purpose Vehicles to invest in specific investment opportunities as opposed to, or alongside, a traditional investment fund structure. 

Using SPVs provides significant flexibility over a traditional fund structure as it allows investors to be more active and dynamic if they have interest in selecting specific opportunities or changing the size of an investment.  It also allows individual accredited investors who may not be limited partners in a venture fund to participate in interesting investment opportunities. 

After three years of deploying capital viaSPVs here at Massive, we grew quickly - from 6 investors to 65,all via referrals and word of mouth. Our investor base is made up of successful founders ,builders, business leaders and family offices. It's an awesome group of engaged and empathetic people who know what it takes to build a great business.

As we grew, we also learned a ton about running SPVs, managing them and operating a venture capital firm this way in the process. As our portfolio grew and our platform matured we wanted to reduce the friction points of deal-by-deal investing to accommodate some of our larger capital partners. While we truly value the flexibility and focused nature of SPVs, we also became very aware of the many limitations and administrative hurdles involved in deploying multiple SPVs. 

As long-time entrepreneurs, we couldn’t stop asking if there was abetter way. So we are excited to finally share publicly what we’ve been working on - welcome to the Massive Index!  

The Massive Index is a new SPV-based committed capital approach where an investor can participate inMassive’s future deal flow, en masse. We have invested and spent meaningful time researching and building in order to bring together the legal structure, business workflow and fund administration required to support the Massive Index. It’s venture capital with more flexibility and insight.

By adding the Massive Index, Massive members can now choose from two ways to participate in opportunities. Going forward, our “deal-by-deal” membership is known as Massive Select and our committed capital option is the Massive Index.

We know the standard path would have been to raise a fund at this juncture. And that’s what many investors end up doing because juggling the increasing complexity of an SPV-only platform can get truly overwhelming. However we deeply value our flexibility, founder alignment and want to continue to execute our inflection point & multi-stage strategy as it is both working well from a performance standpoint and resonates deeply with our community. Yes, it’s always harder to innovate than it is to follow. But asa firm that backs great innovators, we were compelled to do the same.

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About Massive:

We invest in DeepTech, Fintech, SaaS andClimateTech because we believe these four areas will generate some of thegreatest returns over the next 15 years and the companies we back will createhuge impacts in both their markets and broadly in the world. 

Massive seeks to invest in technology-driven companies that are, or have the strong potential to become, market and category leaders. We look to invest at key points in the company’s journey where its future is becoming clear or major milestones have been achieved. This clarity represents early signs of success where future risk is focused primarily on a company’s/team’s execution ability, more so than complete product-market fit.

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