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Founder Funded.
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Experienced and empathetic capital for founders, by founders.

Why Massive?

Access to the experience and insight of seasoned founders and executives is one of the most valuable resources a founder can have when growing a business.

Using deal-by-deal investments, Massive connects startup founders with a curated syndicate who knows what it feels like to be an early stage CEO or co-founder, can add real, experience-based value, and want access to vetted venture deals through an approachable investment vehicle.

Massive energizes the startup ecosystem and provides real founder advantages with an investment syndicate that combines their experience and capital to create real, measurable, financial and growth benefits.

Who we are.

Massive members have sat in every seat around the table and understand the struggles surrounding the growth of emerging businesses. They are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who can help in constructive and thoughtful ways.

As part of Massive, these business veterans gain unique access to investment opportunities as well as the ability to engage with new founders and companies in meaningful ways.

Massive Team

Ari Newman
Co-Founder / Managing Director
David Mandell
Co-Founder / Managing Director


Exceptional Founders + Big Plans = Massive Opportunities

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